Clean Energy Meets Intelligent Analysis

Clean Energy Meets Intelligent Analysis


What Cary, NC-based company centers itself around these big ideas?

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The answer: Cary, NC-based data management, business and service analytics software giant, SAS. This hometown giant is a leader in applying innovative clean energy technologies to their daily operations, increasing efficiency, and promoting long-term business sustainability.

Increased Demand, Controlled Consumption

With an increasing number of U.S. and international campuses, their energy demands has been growing steadily since their inception in 1976. They have installed a corporate-wide management program geared toward managing and mitigating the impact of their energy output, both as a mindful step to reduce energy consumption and tamp down emissions in the midst of their burgeoning growth.     

Even with this year-over-year expansion (of staff and facilities), energy efficiency tactics have worked:

 The efficiency chart below highlights a sustainable trend of decreasing energy growth against increasing revenues.Photo credit: SAS Environmental Program

In 2015, SAS generated 3.7 million kWh of clean, renewably sourced energy from rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems.

SAS’s growing global data center operations demand a great deal of energy. Both larger demands for analytics support and the need for physical storage solutions worldwide are driving energy needs up.  But the company’s investment in technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of that energy has staved off an increase in actual energy consumption.

The added benefit of being a software company: SAS is able to utilize their own proprietary enterprise analytics resources for measuring, understanding, and managing their global energy and emissions statistics. They are consistently developing new strategies to reduce their energy consumption, track results of these initiatives, and adjust goals to maximize program performance.

Getting buy-in from their 15,000 employees worldwide is an important factor in the success of their energy management program. Educating, engaging, and enforcing compliance to new standards and guidelines helps maintain the overall efficiency of the program.  By finding inventive ways to source, generate, and conserve energy, the company instills an “all hands on deck” mentality to energy efficiency throughout operations.

Leading the Charge

As part of this ongoing commitment to energy usage improvements, SAS is a member of the US Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge and was awarded “Leading the Charge” recognition for providing free electric charging stations and premium parking spots for employees and visitors with plug-in electric vehicles.  Consequently, plug-in electric vehicles registered to employees at the Cary SAS campus accounted for 3 percent of all registered plug-in electric vehicles in NC in 2015.  


SAS’ recent energy efficiency investments included adopting LEED best practices for sustainability (the company now holds nine LEED certified buildings globally), and sourcing power through solar energy.

Rabble Rousing for REPS

SAS also lends vocal support and advocacy to NC’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) — a policy which requires energy utilities to obtain 6% of their electricity from renewable resources ( increasing to a 12.5% requirement by 2020) — as well as other economic and business friendly clean energy policies in our state.

As the world’s largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, SAS has effectively translated their insight, measurement, and statistics expertise into clean energy success. Through the support of the value of clean energy, as well as applying its practices into company operations, they exemplify thought leadership and a more energy independent future, which serves their own ends while also greatly benefitting the people and businesses of North Carolina.

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