Letter of Support: Energy Efficient Business

Letter of Support: Energy Efficient Business


Dear Speaker Tim Moore,

As a group of manufacturers and service providers with a significant North Carolina presence, we urge you to oppose H332 or any legislation that would weaken North Carolina’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard or REPS. 

As large employers and major energy consumers in the state, we understand firsthand how North Carolina’s energy policies affect the cost of doing business and the state’s economic competitiveness. Our businesses support policies that advance energy efficiency because North Carolina consumers and businesses benefit when we eliminate energy waste. Energy efficiency programs are the lowest-cost energy resources available. By investing in energy efficiency, we can reduce total energy costs for all customers, mitigate the impact of fuel and electricity price increases, and build a more affordable, reliable electricity system for the businesses and people of North Carolina.

Our companies oppose H332 for two main reasons. First, H332 would eliminate the increase in the REPS’ energy-saving provisions after 2018. Second, it would weaken the Portfolio Standard in the meantime by capping the growth of energy savings in 2015 and thereafter. Together, these two provisions in H332 would mean that cost-effective energy efficiency would be delivered to fewer businesses and consumers in North Carolina, thereby leaving customers with higher energy costs.

A commitment to North Carolina’s existing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) would help give the business community the confidence to invest and grow. Our companies specialize in a broad range of high-technology products, solutions and services related to energy. A strong Portfolio Standard provides the regulatory and market certainty we need to understand and promote opportunities for sustainability and energy efficiency on behalf of our customers and clients. A multi-year REPS also provides a degree of regulatory certainty that helps large businesses to plan ahead and make our future investment decisions. Policies that weaken the REPS, or simply maintain the status quo, make it harder for us to make long-term investment plans and decisions.

Please oppose H332 so that our businesses, and many others throughout North Carolina, will have the opportunity to benefit from the cost-effective energy efficiency that will be delivered as a result of an effective Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard.

Thank you,

United Technologies, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Schneider Electric, and Dow

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