Letter of Support: Geothermal Industry

Letter of Support: Geothermal Industry


Dear North Carolina Legislators,

In a highly regulated energy market, the NC Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit helps to level the playing field for 21 renewable and clean energy technologies. Specifically, the geothermal industry has grown to create jobs, economic opportunity and energy savings for customers.

Geothermal technology is commonly used in the industrial, commercial, military, and residential markets as the most efficient way to satisfy the heating and cooling needs and overall comfort demands for facilities, buildings, and homes. Geothermal does not generate power, but saves electricity through its highly efficient operation. Traditionally, energy efficiency is least cost, low risk, and provides consumers with instant savings and return on investment. Even though geothermal technologies have a high upfront cost, customers see energy savings immediately and over time through energy efficiency. The NC Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit allows customers to take advantage of those savings sooner.

Supporting manufacturers, distributors, designers, installers, contractors, sub-contractors, and well drillers will continue to create jobs and energy savings if we are afforded the opportunity to compete in the highly regulated market.

Continuing the NC Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit will signal to the clean energy industry that North Carolina remains in a strong position to attract jobs, investments, and lasting energy infrastructure to communities in all regions of our State.


Water Furnace, DSI, Yadkin Well Company Inc., ARM Geothermal, 4 Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning Corp., Air by Design, SFL+A Architects, Lucas Tax and Energy Consulting, Climate Control Heating and Cooling Co Inc., Bullman Heating & Air, Fulford Heating and Cooling, and Green Horizon

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