Global Business Leaders Love What Clean and Renewable Energy Delivers

Global Business Leaders Love What Clean and Renewable Energy Delivers


You don’t do these things just because they’re cool. Saving $25 million, that’s cool.”
- John Wescott, Global Manager with VF Corporation, headquartered in Greensboro, NC, speaking about his company’s investments in renewable energy.

We expect very significant cost savings from this deal.”
- Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing the company’s $850 million investment in the California Flats Solar Project.

All IKEA solar investments have been evaluated and approved based on their financial return.”
- Joseph Roth, Public Affairs Manager, IKEA. In summer 2016, IKEA will be opening their newest store in Las Vegas with the largest single-use solar array (retail) in the state of Nevada.

The world’s largest companies become, and remain successful by doing things that improve their operations and productivity, and invest in strategies that add to their bottom lines. Whether it’s for a new warehouse or a clean energy production facility, you make investments for the return it will bring to your business’ bottom line. That’s why some of the largest corporations in the world are investing in clean and renewable energy sources.

Fortune 500 companies, like Greensboro-based VF Corporation, clearly see the benefits of developing new ways to get the energy resources they need to operate, and obviously see clean energy sources as the key to future business expansion and success. Altogether they invest billions every year in solar, wind, and other renewable projects, utilizing and improving the technologies with every dollar they spend.

As the quote above says, they aren’t doing all that because it’s cool. For them it’s just smart business.

The project brings additional investment and jobs to the region, and makes it possible for 100% of our energy needs to be met entirely with one of Iowa’s most abundant renewable resources.”
- Vincent Van Son, Data Center Energy Manager for Facebook, announcing plans to develop a wind farm project in the state to produce more than enough energy to power their new facility.

Our sustainable manufacturing mindset benefits the communities in which we operate across the globe.”
- Jim DeLuca, GM Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing, in announcing the development of a wind farm to supply energy for a new manufacturing plant in Arlington, TX

The renewable energy value proposition is really obvious."
- David Ozment, Senior Director of Energy, Walmart

Corporations don’t become globally successful by only looking out for themselves. The truly successful and dominant also care about the people and communities they operate in. Clean and renewable energy investments are becoming an ever more important factor in their corporate strategies.

On the one hand, their investments in major projects like wind farms and solar facilities, takes a huge burden off of the local community’s power grid and capacity when they build new facilities in North Carolina.

On the other, every project they design (using architects/engineers), build (using contractors/trades) and open for business (needing employees/local services) has incredible economic impacts on local economies for years. This is especially important in rural and under-developed areas, like North Carolina has across the state.

These corporations know that all of their global success starts very simply at the local level in their plants and facilities, and why they are so concerned about the communities they call home. Investing in clean and renewable energy sources at ever-increasing financial levels is becoming a vital piece of any company’s future business strategies.

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