NC Solar Power Could Send Doc Back to the Future

NC Solar Power Could Send Doc Back to the Future


Anyone who has ever seen the movie Back to the Future knows that a Flux Capacitor on a 1985 DeLorean needs 1.21 Gigawatts of energy to travel through time. It’s movie science fact!

It was recently reported that the solar industry in North Carolina has reached a capacity of 2 Gigawatts of potential energy production, placing the state third in the nation behind California and Arizona in total solar capacity.

So, the burgeoning clean and renewable energy industry in North Carolina could easily power Marty McFly backwards and forwards in time in Doc Emmett Brown’s DeLorean.

But what else can be powered by 2 Gigawatts of energy?

Over 750,000 North Carolina homes can be powered for a year with that amount of electricity-producing energy.

Cool, but what does that actually mean for the stuff in your home? Well, let’s break it down.

Let’s say you live in Antarctica and you have an electric furnace. You could heat your home constantly for almost 23 years!

Or you build your dream house in the middle of the Sahara Desert and have central air conditioning. You could run your system non-stop to cool your new pad for 76 years.

Now, you always need distractions, so how much fun stuff will 2 Gigawatts power?

Well, your 45” flat screen television can run ESPN Sports Center constantly for 152 years.

And when you get tired of the constant ESPN Sports Center broadcast (because let’s be honest…that’s WAY too much ESPN) you can hook up your Xbox and play NFL Madden 2016 because you Xbox will run as long as your tv does.

Finally, when you need that refreshment from your beer fridge, because all that gameplay can be dehydrating, do not worry. That little fridge will be able to run for over 3,800 years on the 2 GW of energy you have at your disposal.

Not bad, huh?

(All calculations made using Duke Energy facts and figures on appliance energy usage.

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