Recycling Fuels Economy & National Recycling Day

Recycling Fuels Economy & National Recycling Day


Walk West Recycling Fuels Economy Infographic

National Recycling Day

There are plenty of reasons to embrace recycling, and November 15, National Recycling Day, is the perfect day to get involved. Recycling Day is a chance to raise awareness about the difference recycling makes, find places and information about how to recycle, and take the pledge to actually do it. We hope you’ll join us in not only recycling at home and at work, but also sharing this article and #NationalRecyclingDay with your social network.

Sources for Learning & Action

There are excellent national and local resources to get involved and learn more about recycling. America Recycles Day is a great place to start. If you want to find out where to recycle a particular item, use their Find Recycling tool to get the information you need.

We also have excellent North Carolina local sources of information and inspiration for all ages:

Recycle Guys

North Carolina adopted the Recycle Guys campaign to appeal to North Carolina elementary and middle school children. It includes an activity book, commercials, posters, stickers, tattoos and trading cards.

The campaign is aimed at high-schoolers, college students and twenty-somethings. The campaign includes bottle openers, commercials, posters and T-shirts.

Recycle More NC

The Recycle More NC is directed toward the 35-year-old and older demographic. The goal is to not only increase curbside recycling, but also increase recycling participation at work and while out-and-about.

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