Letter of Support: SAS Institue, Inc.

Letter of Support: SAS Institue, Inc.


RE: Concerns with NC H332/H760/H681, Energy Policy Amendments

Dear President Pro Tempore Berger and Speaker Moore:

We write today to raise our concerns about, and ask you to oppose, the energy policy amendments included in House Bill 332 (originally found in H760 and H681), which we believe would have a significant negative impact on the availability of renewable energy in the state.

North Carolina’s existing renewable energy policies are producing significant benefits, which include providing sustainable sources of power, diversifying energy supply, supporting innovation, and creating thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of in-state economic growth.

SAS agrees with the points made in the recent TechNet letter signed by Apple, Facebook, and Google. We share our tech-industry colleagues’ concern that the proposed language in House Bill H332 would freeze the Renewable Energy &

Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) and hurt the development of clean energy sourcing for North Carolina. We believe the existing REPS should be maintained because our collective experience shows that programs like the REPS can actually reduce the overall cost of energy to ratepayers.

Technology companies value North Carolina’s existing energy policies, which enable us to operate and grow our businesses in a sustainable manner. We recommend legislative leaders work to establish a collaborative process where all interested parties can provide input on North Carolina’s renewable energy policies and encourage honest open discussions that will lead to a long-term renewable energy plan for the state.

We respectfully request that the General Assembly not alter the carefully developed clean energy policies that are the foundation for North Carolina’s almost decade-long commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Thank you for taking our views into account, and we look forward to working with you on these critical issues.


SAS Institute Inc.

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